Chelsea & Paul's Engagement Story

April 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Words cannot express how fun Chelsea & Paul were to work with. Chelsea is this beautiful educated woman who embraces the little girl inside of her. And Paul... well... Chelsea's charm is his greatest weakness. 

There was this "pose" I wanted to try. I wanted to capture one series with the focus on the fiancé. So I instructed Paul to look at me with somewhat of gentle face, with less focus on Chelsea in the background. This is the shot we were going for... do you hear a but coming? 

But to get there... Chelsea knew Paul's weakness and began whispering secrets in his ear and well... These were the bloopers for us to get there. I wouldn't quite call them bloopers, this is truly their personality shining bright! 

And here are more facets of what makes Chelsea and Paul's bond so beautiful. oxox

oxox, L 



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