Firehouse Chicago - Embracing the rain on your wedding day!

January 04, 2016  •  2 Comments

For 105 years, Engine 70 was an integral part the neighborhood and the original fire engine drawn by horses. Restored to it's original condition, Chicago has awarded Firehouse Chicago as one of the most worthy caretakers of the historic building. And considered one of Chicago's elite venues. 

Kristina had no idea when she was planning her wedding that it would be a day full of rain. Most bride's greatest fear is rain on their wedding day. Not Kristina, she embraced it as she embraces her husband Jason. They were married outdoors under a white tent, even the sermon was surrounded about rain, the Pastor had Jason open an umbrella to "protect" Katrina - not just from the evening's rain, but from the unexpected that may come their way. Some people dance in the rain, other's sing, Jason and Kristina were married in the rain! And they embraced it! May you always embrace whatever life brings you. oxox, Lynne


It takes not only alot for the bride to embrace the rain, But also the photographers to be prepared. Amazing venue and photographs.
Very nice work, indeed.
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