Mr. and Mrs. Matthews

September 11, 2014  •  1 Comment

The one thing I love about wedding photography are the bonds and friendships made planning for their spiritual day! Chris and Correna Mathews were married Sept. 6th. We met at their home for our initial consultation, and I brought them a leather wooden box, all wrapped up pretty. As usual when any couple opens the gift, they look at it and pause... So I give them my wisdom of my years. "Use this box, put every memory of you and him in this box, every letter, every flower card, Notes he left you around the house, a few pictures, and a two wine glasses. And when times get tough, and they will before 50 years comes. And when you are having a down week, or a disagreement, set the box on the table take out the wine glasses light a candle and read each other the love that brought you to this point. 

Unknown to me, while I was photographing the ceremony, they had the box sitting on the alter, and during the ceremony, after lighting the unity candle, they put their first memory in the box, the pieces of paper with their vows on them. I was crying behind the lens. 

Today her parents stopped by my home and we talked and laughed for hours. 

Chris and Correna I wish you all God's Blessings, love, and laughter, Thank you for trusting me with the most important day of your life.              With Love, Lynne




It was a beautiful Day!! Loved all the pictures!!
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