Brent Shapiro Foundation Los Angeles - Brent's Kids

September 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Last week, I returned from Los Angeles more blessed than when I arrived. Robert and Linell Shapiro shared the story of their son's death to alcohol and drug overdose at their annual Brent Shapiro Foundation Event. With tears, Linell described the tragic phone call, absolutely no parent should ever receive, in front of a celebrity audience; approximately 900 guests in attendance. The Shapiro's message, and the purpose of their Foundation, is to prevent any other parent from experiencing the devastation of losing a child as they did. Their commitment, in honor of their son, is to educate our youth about the dangers of drug and alcohol use. This has proven to show great success. The Foundation's purpose is simple; to create awareness of the fact that drug and alcohol abuse is a disease, not unlike any other. This is done by communicating this around the country to parents, who talk to teachers and their children, who then start talking to their friends. Friends DO save Friends lives! They have made a difference in this world and it continues. I look forward to sharing more of this event through photographs (when they have been approved) and hope to serve as another vehicle for spreading the word and saving lives. Until then, learn more about the Brent Shapiro Foundation here, and if so moved, please donate.


To Robert and Linell, my condolences, my personal thank you, for the courage to share your story, the dedication, love, and endless hours of work put forth in this Foundation, to save the life of a child!




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