A Man and His Wooden Canoe

October 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I was hanging out at the beach and spotted a man pulling his wooden canoe out of the water's edge. Seeing a man of so many years, yet being so active, inspired me to speak with him. His canoe was a work of art! He educated me about the construction of the boat which was hand-crafted by a gentleman named J.W. Swan.

He spoke of how the Artist chose the specific wood he uses from a forest in PA., then whittles, chisels, and sands the canoes until they become an object that propels he and others through the waters. Bill canoes every weekend in this vessel at least two miles, with the exception of a couple of months a year.

Soaking in his wisdom and feeling the art as I ran my hand down the canoe's belly, there was energy I couldn't deny. Thank you Bill for giving me this moment! #LivingInTheMoment

Check more of J.W. Swan’s vessels out at 


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